Leading Provider

Of Hydraulic Solutions in North Qld

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Leading Provider

Of Hydraulic Solutions in North Qld

Industrial Applications

It is in this area that our design skills come to the fore.

Industry is always evolving, there is always a unique problem to solve or service to deliver. We design and manufacture the whole range of hydraulic systems with industrial applications, and are constantly turning our hands to new designs.

With the industrial applications of hydraulic and pneumatic systems the possibilities are endless. In manufacturing, there are always new end products being created, and in response to this the industry has to come up with new fluid power systems. With our wealth of knowledge behind us we have the leading edge on today’s technology. Our greatest strength is our ability to understand the industry and its needs.

31777086 - hydraulic pressure pipes system of construction machinery

We are the Eaton Distributor for FNQ, including brands such as Vickers, Char-Lynn, Aeroquip, InterNorman filtrations. Other leading brands we sell include Hydac, Stauff, Power Auto, IMI Australia, Brevini, Permco, Seal Imports & Tema. All of our products, designs and repairs are fully compliant with Australian Standards.

We also carry out preventative maintenance services, and specialise in filtration solutions. With our diversity of experience, we have seen pretty much everything in this industry, and can solve any problem.

We pride ourselves on always finding an achievable solution at a realistic price to any industrial hydraulic issue. Ask us for a quote today.